Songwriting Notebook Fall/Winter 2020

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I prefer to do all of my songwriting with a pencil and paper.  This notebook is everything I wrote between August of 2020 and the end of January.  Most of the songs have been refined and given life.  Some of the songs are still going through the process. There are some hidden nuggets in here that will never see the light of day.  With the good and the bad, here is everything I wrote during this time.

  • Where I Go
  • Windows
  • Sweater Song
  • My Favorite Old Sweater
  • Devil’s Horn
  • Cat in the Christmas Tree
  • Joyous Noise
  • Clubber Magee Beat the Hell Out of Christmas
  • Old Hymns (rewrite)
  • Rivers of Light
  • Ghosts


There is only one of these available. It’s a quick draw contest.  First person to order wins the notebook. Name your own price.

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