Project Anniversaries (Moonwalking With Einstein)

I am not big on celebrating birthdays.  I don’t like cake and I don’t think we should require a 365 day waiting period to have a party for people we love. I am also bad at anniversaries.  I can never remember if my wedding anniversary is on the 28th or 29th of November.  I just checked and it is the 27th.  
I am reading a book called “Moonwalking with Einstein.”  It’s about memory training.  There is a concept in this book about measuring our perceived passage of time. When life is mundane and every day follows a similar routine, time seems to pass very quickly. This contributes to that feeling that you have missed out on something. Time appears to pass more slowly and you will feel that you have lived a long full life when you have lots of memories to string together.  Having many new and unique experiences creates new chronological memories that provide a satisfying existence.  
I love celebrating the anniversaries of projects that I have created.  (I am not suggesting that I remember the dates of these anniversaries. I rely on a calendar.)   I enjoy reminiscing about the period in time that led to the making of a particular record.  It’s an annual reminder of a song’s backstory.  My chronological memories seem to be segmented, not by holidays or trips around the sun, but by my artistic endeavors.  The creative phases of my life are the memories that I use to measure my existence. Cheers to a long, slow, creative life.