Promises, Carousel Theme 4

No one knows how things will end
So dangerous to promise
I could swear by the stars
What is that worth
With guesses and predictions
Who can know
No one knows what life will give
I’m wondering what life has for us
I want all life will give
Round and round and round and round
The years will pass
You with me, as I grow older
As you grow older, I’m with you
In life there are so many things to share
I want to share them all with you
I don’t want to miss anything
I have faith in one thing 
And one thing is for sure
When a blessing is this good
All you can do is say thank you
You can only speculate 
The reasons how or why
But we can’t know how it will end
I wouldn’t want to know the ending
The joy is finding out along the way
I want to journey there with you