Pull Up the Covers Again

A while back, I made a video series called Pull Up the Covers.  It involved a green screen, an air mattress, and a photo of an interesting bed found on the internet.  I was working on this series at a time in my history when I was trying to learn how to make great videos.  I am fully aware that I have not learned how to make great videos.  It was fun and incredibly beneficial to learn about using a green screen.  I am proud of the videos that I made as part of this series.  I would love to make more videos in this series but two hurdles make it difficult.  First, it’s surprisingly difficult to find photos of beds that are appropriate and free to use.  Second, these videos were time-consuming to make.  I am thinking about reusing the videos from this series.  I am not sure about the details but I think these videos turned out great and I would love to share them. Keep your eyes open for Brother Jack singing cover songs while in random beds.  

I am thinking of doing a similar series that involves singing lullabies with iconic nighttime landscapes edited into the background.  Something like “Moon River” in front of the Eiffel Tower.  So many ideas, so little time.