Pull Up the Covers

September 6, 2021

I started my Pull Up the Covers series a year ago today.  In the videos, I play a cover song in front of a green screen and drop it on top of a random bed photograph that I find on the internet. This was a really fun project.  “Because Monday mornings can be hard, we will pull up the covers.”  Get it?  It’s kind of a joke.  I play a cover song in an imaginary bed and you pull up your covers.  It’s a double use of the word cover and it’s rather clever.  Really, it is.  

I recorded about a dozen videos in this series and then ran out of interesting beds to use.  I was surprised but it’s very difficult to find quality photos of beds that are free to use.  I can find beds that don’t look good. I can find lots of beds that include people in their underwear. I can find perfect beds that come with a price tag.  I thought about asking for submissions from my community but Mrs Brother Jack pointed out that could get creepy.  

I would love to resume a cover song series but I’m not sure that it will include bed photographs.  I am thinking maybe I will try something with a couch.  I enjoyed learning how to use the green screen. That is probably a story for another time.  

Pull up the covers, brothers and sisters.  

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