This post could easily be titled Frequency but as a musician, I prefer Rhythm. My email inbox is full of regular blogs that I love to read. Hopefully, you feel the same way about the one that you are reading right now. Most of these subscriptions are about creativity and marketing. Eventually, something might sink in and I will get better at my craft. I just read one about the frequency of creative releases. This guy suggested you need to find a frequency that allows enough buffer to ensure that you can make quality work but not such a large buffer that allows you to quit the routine. This probably applies to every aspect of life. There is a rhythm to everything that we do. All of the creativity experts suggest that to be successful you must adhere to their very specific routines and frequencies. They seem to neglect the idea that the rhythm has to fit the song. Regular rhythms have to fit into the larger flow of life’s seasons. One of my regular rhythms includes eating healthy and avoiding sweets. However, Christmas is coming and I love cookies. I’ll be singing that song loud and without rhythm.

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