Right Now

What are you doing right now?  Obviously you are reading my insightful and exquisitely crafted blog post.  But more in general, what are you focused on right now?  What is at the top of your to-do list?  What is dominating your attention?  What is sucking all the air from your balloon?  What crying baby is demanding your time?  For me it is 2 actual crying babies.
A “now” page is similar to an “about” or “contacts” page.  It serves to outline what a person is concentrating on in life at the present time.  To the best of my knowledge it was created by Derek Sivers, the founder of CDBaby.  Look here for more info about “now” pages.  If you have a website, you should make a now page. Share a link to your now page in the comments so we can check it out.  If you don’t have a now page, make one right now!
A now page is fun to read and a satisfying way of outlining your priorities.  Life can be too busy.  Through the process of listing everything you are working on, you can clearly see your priorities.  Then you can reassess to make sure you haven’t prioritized something that isn’t worth your time.  Check out my now page.
Here are some of the things I am currently focused on during the winter of 2017.

  • I am a stay at home dad with a wife, 9 year old daughter, and boy/girl twins who will be one in March.
  • I am doing a Sound Cloud project where I am posting one new recording every Monday.  The rules are loose but I’m trying to focus on original material.  Some are new songs and  some are back catalog.  All of the songs are brand new recordings.  This is a great way to hold myself accountable to regular practice with both songwriting and recording. You should definitely go to Sound Cloud and follow me to hear each week’s new song.  There is no cost, no commitment, and it’s easy.  That makes me sound really cheap…



  • I am also working on a new project with the band.  It will be divided into three parts that will each include 7 songs.  I am planning  on releasing one part every 3 months. The first installation, to be titled “Baptized,” will be finished the first week of May.
  • I am trying to blog at least once a week, which is another great way to hold myself accountable to regular creative practice. Make sure to follow me here on WordPress so you can read all of my masterpieces.
  • I am also playing regular shows with Ride the Song.  We do mostly covers of awesome country, blues, folk, and classic rock tunes.

I am trying really hard to develop daily habits that enable the creative process to happen despite the demands of a crazy life.  I only get tiny bites of time but I am learning through regular practice how to turn on and off  really quickly.   Make priorities and spend zero time on things that are not at the top of the list.
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