Root Canal

I just finished what is supposed to be the last appointment necessary to fix a damaged tooth.  It started with a sinus infection back at the beginning of December.  The sinus infection was caused by a bad tooth.  I had cracked the tooth and don’t know how long it had been that way.   It may have been related to a harmonica playing incident. Being a musician is dangerous. First, we tried patching it but the infection got worse.  This required lots of antibiotics and a root canal.  Five months later and maybe it’s all clear.
I tell you this story, not for sympathy but to make a point. I had plans, goals, and intentions for this winter that did not include spending so much time in a dentist’s chair. My best-laid plans had to change. Our bodies will fail. When a breakdown happens, the universe will not bother to check your calendar and ensure it’s a convenient time. I love to make plans, schedule life’s tiny details, and compile intricate to-do lists.  Sometimes these lumps of clay in which we reside refuse to comply.  I’m glad it is finally all patched up. I look forward to eating without discomfort and making plans that have no realistic chance of succeeding.