Run When Someone Is Watching

I like to run for fun. When I was younger, I would do my best jogging early in the morning.  It seemed to suit my natural rhythms.  Another nice thing about running early is that there are not many people around.  Running can be easier with less traffic and fewer people in the park. I realized today, that at this stage in life, I prefer to run in the afternoon.  I like having an audience. It’s not that I want people to watch me run. I am not proud of my running form. I do seem to run a little faster and try a little harder if someone might be watching. I don’t want to be the old, slow guy.  
I think this is the same for music performances.  I often struggle with the tavern shows when people are busy eating and chatting and the work I am doing is strictly background music. It is easier when someone is willing to engage with me. I am a better performer with connection, even if it is one person. I play better and try harder.  I am so much better when someone is watching.