Sacrament of Coffee and Age 7

It’s our annual “Sacrament of Coffee Day.” This means it is the anniversary of the release of this single and also my twin’s birthday. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on life. Time continues to march forward and I can’t believe how quickly it is marching. We continue to struggle to get out the door in the morning. It’s a constant fight but the reasons are very different from when I wrote the song.  One kid is ready to leave about 20 minutes early. He stands by the door with his coat and shoes on and announces the time.  “You better hurry, there are only 15 minutes.” I am glad he is always ready to go but the constant nagging doesn’t make anything easier. My little girl is the opposite. She is never ready. She is a constant flurry of drama. We go through the checklist to get ready. She has eaten breakfast, gotten dressed, checked the potty, done her hair, found her bag, and put on her shoes. We do the same thing every day and it’s still a constant surprise. Despite all of the routine and preparation, there is always a last-minute failure. It’s not a surprise for her to show up at the door with her coat and backpack and no pants. If life ever becomes easy, it will be far too quiet. I love the stress and excitement and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Although a hot cup of coffee would be perfection.