Sad Song Series

I love sad songs. I am a happy, optimistic kind of guy.  But there is just something about a truly sad song that can hit you way deep down.  I want to write a really sad song.  It feels like the songwriting equivalent to a superpower.
Hannah pointed out that I’ve written a couple of sad songs (Blood of the Lamb, Grief, Little Bird).  I am not trying to discredit those songs but they are not hardcore tear jerkers.  I want to write a song that causes anybody that hears it to sob uncontrollably.  I think the easiest way to learn how to write a sad song will be to study songs that make me cry.  
I intend to create a series where I cover the saddest songs I can find.  I plan to make one episode per month until I learn all of the secrets that sad songs have to offer.  I figured I better limit myself to one episode per month or I might get too depressed.  I started working on the first installment today.  I only cried a little bit and it was mostly because the harmonica plucked out a mustache hair.  Stay tuned for my new series called Sad Cover Songs.