Saint Patrick’s Day Miracle

I remember it like it was this morning. It was last year on St. Patrick’s Day. We were headed to school and frantic because that is how we do it. When we finally got out the door, it was a misty and damp kind of morning. My boy said, “It’s raining and the sun is shining, maybe there is a rainbow?” We pulled out of the garage and searched the sky. There was a faint shimmer over the McDonald’s. As we got closer to their school, the colors got stronger. We pulled into the lineup for drop-off and there was a glorious St. Patrick’s Day miracle. It was a perfect rainbow arching over the school. It was a divine metaphor sent from St. Patrick, himself. Everyone knows that a treasure is found at the end of the rainbow. The end of this metaphor was hovering directly over their school. More important than gold. Life’s greatest treasure, found at the end of that glorious rainbow, must be knowledge. Then it dawned on me. The divine message wasn’t for my kids. This miracle from St. Patrick was meant for me. The end of the rainbow was over the school and they would be there all day. I could go home and really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I cranked some Irish Rovers, poured a nip of whiskey into my empty coffee cup, and thanked old Patrick for that beautiful rainbow.     


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