Scratch : Old Photographs

Check out the demo version of Old Photographs on YouTube.

This song is almost 25 years old. I think it’s still a solid song and I’m glad it’s getting an update. Maybe someday I will let you hear the original version. It makes me feel good that something this old can find new life. I think the demo arrangement of this song is almost enough. I love it when a song can stand alone with just a guitar. When I start a new song in the studio, I record a simple version like this and then build everything upon the scratch track. It makes the process easier when there is a solid foundation. When I recorded this song for the first time at the age of 19, I didn’t envision recording this new version. When I was 19, I couldn’t even comprehend being 44 years old. I am looking forward to the next version in another 25 years.

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