Self Indulgent Song Selection Competition

During the snowy season of 2017 through the middle of the muddy season, I pursued a project where I posted one song per week on Sound Cloud.  I began this process with the notion that it would force me to write one new song per week.  I got sucked into my back catalog of material that I have never officially used, which led to very few new songs.  I finished 14 songs and took a break.  They were all new recordings of original songs and one traditional song.  It was great to hold myself accountable to some form of regular creative work.  I fully intend to restart this process in the fall.
Last week the rumors began to swirl about some issues with Sound Cloud.  It seems to be stereotypical leveraging that will probably result in very little change to the industry and definitely doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of my life.  However, if there is a possibility that all these songs could disappear, I decided I should do something with them.  So, we are putting together a quick and dirty record.  It’s totally old school, DIY, punk rock style.  It will probably be digital only for now.  We might print some CD’s if there is any interest.  DO people still listen to CD’s?
We are having a contest from now till the end of July.  The ten songs with the most plays will be on the record. The rest will be going away one way or another in the immediate future.  Let me know your favorite by listening on repeat, over and over until I have completly brainwashed you.
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