New Song Nooner

When I write a new song, I post it at noon.  Thus, it’s a New Song Nooner. Here are all of the nooners:

A long time ago, I started working on a project about a circus. I never finished the project. This one is a song from the bone pile about an Organ Grinder.

A long time ago, I started working on a project about a circus. I never finished the project. This one is a song from the bone pile about a knife thrower and his dazzling assistant.

A long time ago, I started working on a project about a circus. I never finished the project. This one is a song from the bone pile about a Lion Tamer.

This is a song about the the end of the world. Don’t worry. It isn’t about a pandemic. The sun explodes and we are all burnt to a crisp.

This is a song about the beauty that can be found in the sound of a busted banjo.

Here is a new song that is straight from the bone pile. I guess that makes it an old song that’s been given a second chance. Maybe this is a zombie song that just won’t die. Either way, I like this song. I’m going to give it a chance and see where it grows. 

I love to sit in front of the open window in the morning with a perfect cup of coffee. It is especially magical on the first days that feel like autumn. The air feels so sharp and it really clears my head. This song is about open windows. It is full of metaphors. I don’t know what they all mean but you should open a window and sing along with Brother Jack.

I was working on a new project with my friends in @dragonflygroveofficial. We made a split EP and I needed a new song. I wanted a song with an autumn vibe. Nothing could compliment the changing seasons better than a tribute to my favorite old sweater. 

If you want to live life to the fullest, you need to spend some time contemplating your own death. Frequent reminders of our own mortality really help put it all in perspective. Where will you be when you check out? There’s a lot of places that I wouldn’t want to be caught when I expire. I wrote this song about one potential location. I wrote it while I was replacing our toilet.

I love pancakes. I have a lot of great memories that include pancakes. I remember the way my Grandpap’s kitchen smelled. It was coffee and his hot griddle. Now it is my kitchen and I am the one making the pancakes. It’s that smell of coffee and the hot griddle that makes me feel warm and safe. I can’t stop eating pancakes!!

This is a weird time in history. During this time, time is very weird. I can’t wait for all of this to be in our past. I am urgent for the future. However, everything is changing so fast. I wish it would slow down. I want to cherish these moments and I also long for the future. Time is weird.

This song is a two-chord-wonder about feeling sentimental. You go back to that special place where you spent so much time and it is no longer the same place. The world keeps spinning and life is constantly changing. We feel like we are the same person as we were in the past but each day we wake up as brand new.

This new song is about UFO’s and a global pandemic. That sounds like the recipe for some great science fiction. It’s real, brothers and sisters! 

There is nothing like a global pandemic to bring all your neurotic behavior to the surface. I am not remotely interested in leaving the house. At the same time, I am desperate for news of the outside world. Sometimes you gotta settle for long conversations with that stranger in the mirror.

This is a song about anxiety. We are all in this together and that makes it a little easier.

Here is a new song that is about Grandma, Uncle Leroy, ducks, and my band.

This is another weird one. It’s about a lock-down, quarantine style, dance party. If you are stuck at home with your family, I know that they are driving you nuts. Grab the kids, grab grandma, and strut around the living room doing the chicken skin shake.

Here is a new song that I wrote in a dream or it is about a dream. Either way, there was a snake and he ate my radio. Then he went on and ate all the radios in the world. Then I woke up and wrote this song.

Everyday, I make a perfect cup of coffee. Then I put it down, forget about it, and get distracted. By the time I go looking for it, it’s cold. This brand new song is about the frustration of drinking your coffee cold. Time races forward, one disappointing swallow of cold coffee at a time.

Here is a new song about dying. It’s a happy little song based on the 23rd Psalm.