Short Fuses

Today was one of those days.  When I woke up, I was immediately aware that it was going to require a little bit extra.  Two weeks of a school routine has kicked my kids’ butts.  They were all tired and grumpy from the start. Our cannons were primed with really short fuses. Everything that happened was accompanied by an angry outburst from at least one person. The majority of the time, it was not me.  At noon I found myself longing for bedtime.  I wanted to lay down and go to sleep so that we could start fresh with a new day.  I know you are expecting a redeeming anecdote, something cute that made it all better.  That never happened.  We fought while brushing teeth and had two more meltdowns getting into bed.  
Tomorrow will be a new day.  It may be more of the same but it is a new opportunity to make it better.  Don’t give up.  Some days are constant waves of negativity washing over you.  Keep trying.  Some days you have to fight to get through.  Some days everything is fighting against you.  Go to bed and wake up to a new day, another opportunity, a fresh start.  What will you do with today?