Silk Screening Strike 2

If you have been keeping score regarding my silk screening journey, I want to give you an update. My first hurdle happened when my printer died. Strike two happened last night when I tried to burn the screen. I was supposed to spread a “thin layer” of emulsion over the entire screen. I guess “thin layer” is somewhat ambiguous. I was using a definition of “thin layer” as derived from the amount of syrup I pour on pancakes. I guess screen printers don’t know how to eat a tall stack of flapjacks. My emulsion was not a “thin layer” and the design didn’t burn through to the screen.

When I was younger, this setback would have been a disaster. I would have been upset about my perceived failure. I probably would have completely quit my silk screening journey. There is a good chance I would have smashed the frame in a rage. It’s nice to know that I have matured so much. I understand that learning something new is a process. Strike two was part of the practice. I probably won’t make this same mistake again. Now I get to try again and I have already learned so much. The only problem is that I neglected to obtain emulsion remover when I purchased all of my initial supplies. I won’t be able to continue practicing until the goop required to remove my “thin layer” arrives at my door. This doesn’t count as strike three.


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