Sloppy Prints

I am learning how to silkscreen. Like everything in life that is worth learning, it is a process. I printed some more of my new t-shirts. The back orders have been addressed and the store is fully stocked.

The problem with learning how to silk screen is that I have made some mistakes. My first print of this batch bled through and was splotchy. My second print has a big scorch mark on it. I wasn’t smoking. You have to set the ink with heat and I use a heat gun. I got too close. Like I said, it’s a process. Then there was the random black thumbprint.

Anyhow, I have some shirts that are not good enough to sell. I can’t pass these off onto the Weird Folk for the standard price. Should I sell them at a reduced price? Should I donate them to a homeless shelter? Homeless people would look great in a “Not as Regular” T-shirt. What should I do with these fine shirts that are almost good enough?

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