Song About a Crow

I wanted to write a spooky song about a crow. I had no idea where to begin or what this song would be about. While at a show listening to my friend Coltt play some of his perfectly written songs, it dawned on me that I needed to start with “cra cra creedle die cree.” I started with that line and the rest of the song wrote itself. The timestamps in my voice memo app indicate that the song was written in about 20 minutes. It needs a couple of passes to make sure everything lines up. Many classic folk songs were pillaged in the writing of this song. Because it sounds like a bunch of other songs I can probably get away with it. A problem occurs, if you write a song and it sounds like only one other song. I’m not sure if this song will satisfy my itch to write a spooky song but I think it might be a fun song to play. If you are keeping score at home, this was the first song written on my new guitar (named Archie). Stay tuned to hear this new song.

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