Songwriting Season Has Ended

I love the classic bit with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck where they argue with Elmer Fudd.  “Duck season!”  “Wabbit season!”  “Duck season!”  “Wabbit season!” 
I’ve been feeling the seasonal tug between songwriting season and gig season.  
I tend to do my creative work in batches and it often follows some yearly cycles.  I wrote six new songs in three months. There are an additional handful of ideas that I could explore but I’m not feeling it (these scraps are destined for the bonepile).  I started a song three weeks ago and got stuck.  I know where it’s going but I can’t convince myself to spend time doing the work.  My excuse is that this song will sound so much better with a band.  I guess I am saving it for the right occasion.  I know this is a bad excuse but it is a clear signal. Songwriting season has ended. This does not mean that there will be no songwriting. We are going from a fire hose to the annoying drip in the bathroom sink.  Drips add up.  Time for practice and to make some of these new songs presentable for human consumption.  Everything in its season.