Sounds Like Silence

Two days ago I announced that I was not going to continue with my Sad Song Series.  The muses have decided that I am not done yet.  Before abandoning the project, I had been thinking about the sounds of loneliness.  I really enjoy the sound of peace and quiet.  But there is a fine line between solitude and loneliness.  
My step-mom had taken care of her brother for years.  Petey was Down Syndrome and required a lot of extra care.  Petey died last week and he left behind a void.  I was thinking of the grief that exists in the silence he left behind.   	

	I wake up in the night and it’s so quiet
	Listening for that snore
	What I wouldn’t give to hear you breathing
	Nothing sounds like the silence

	Hello darkness, hello my old friend
	I’m talking to myself again
	Reciting all my prayers, I need some noise
	Nothing sounds like the silence

These words are better with the music.  If it is to become a real song, it will need at least one more verse.  Any ideas?