Status Update, December 2022

I stayed up late last night brainstorming for potential future projects. I guess this is the kind of thing that happens as we approach the new year. A list of projects for the upcoming year is a cliche. There are three projects that I want to put together. One is a collection of hobo songs and storytelling. It’s the project that I was getting ready to dive into when the great shutdown happened. It’s time to get back to that one. The other two are collections of mostly older songs that I’ve been meaning to get down for a long time. I see no reason why I can’t get all three of these projects done this year.  We just need to coordinate some scheduling to determine which will get done first. The problem is that I don’t think the world wants more records right now. It’s not how most people consume music. It won’t hurt anything but seems futile to focus on making records. However, it is a plan. Life is far easier with some structure. It could provide some necessary framework and a creative way to divide up the year.  Do you do this? Is it normal to create artificial frameworks to keep life moving?


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