Summer Guilt Trip

At the end of every August, I feel guilty about not doing enough with my kids while they were on summer break from school.  We had lots of fun and spent a lot of time together.  It was all really great but it feels like there wasn’t enough of it.  It’s probably normal parental emotions.  I want them to experience all of the potential fun.  What does that even mean?!?  
When I was a kid, the bell would ring on the last day of school and we would be off on our own until the first bell rang in the fall.  Summer was glorious.  There were a lot of creeks, bike rides, frogs, fishing, thunderstorms, and mud. It was not our parent’s job to provide opportunities for fun.  We found our fun in large part by doing absolutely nothing.  
This hasn’t been as cathartic as I had hoped.  Now, I feel guilty for not providing enough opportunities for my kids to do absolutely nothing.  Maybe next summer we will do a lot more of absolutely nothing.