Tag: 1MC

  • New vs. Familiar

    I was working on a batch of cover song videos. There were three songs on my to-do list. I had never played two of the songs and it had been […]

  • VooDoo

    I’m a witch… Or is it a wizard… I’m a voodoo master… Nope, just a guy with a big mouth. Check out this one minute cover song.

  • Blooper : Firework

    It’s another installment of ”what are the words to that song.” Watch the blooper on YouTube.

  • You’re a Firework

    You are a beautiful display of light, muscles, and bone. Make some noise. Don’t give up. Check out this one minute cover song.

  • One Minute Videos

    Lately, I’ve been making a lot of videos that are one minute long. One-minute-long videos are the current big thing. The internet gods have decreed that our attention spans can […]

  • Me and Julio

    It’s Saturday and I know that you don’t want to get out of bed. Pull up the covers with some weird folk. I made a one-minute-long version of the Paul […]