Tag: anniversary

  • You’re Scattered Everywhere

    Today is the anniversary of the reissue of our record called Painted Smiles. It is the record that I made with my sister. If you have the CD version of the record, you have probably heard the bonus track at the end of the record. It’s not available on the digital version. Our grandma sang […]

  • Judgement is 13

    On this day, way back in 2010, Judgement was born. I guess this record was born in the studio during the months leading up to that date. But this is the anniversary of the day the record was released into the world. It feels weird to listen to my music but I’m gonna give this […]

  • Three Years of Weird Folk

    Weird Folk is three years old today. It feels like that record was the beginning of so many things. It feels like I was in the studio recording it last week. We’ve made so much good music since then. I’ve met so many oddballs that are now old friends. I’m so grateful for all of […]

  • Open Windows 2022

    In the fall of 2020, I worked on a record called Open Windows. It is two years old today. I made this record with my friends in the band Dragonfly Grove. I love the people in this band. It was great to collaborate with them. The songs are great representations of who we are individually […]

  • Sycamore Anniversary 1

    Last summer on this date, I released a single. My kid heard it and said, “even people my age might like this song.” Check out this recording of my song called “Kissing Tree.” The b-side is a cover of a song that I love. Here is “Kissing Tree” on YouTube.