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  • Hard Man verse 1

    I discovered some words in an old notebook from 2018. They sparked a melody and I set it to some chords. If you are keeping score, the progression is a minor 1, minor 4, and a major 7. This is not a conventional progression. Playing it feels a little bit like breaking a law. This […]

  • Bully

    Wednesday Words I found these words in an old notebook. They were dated November 12, 2018. This validates why I periodically peruse my old notebooks. I need a couple more verses but I think it’s going somewhere. I’ve been a bully, I’ve known a few Caring can be cruel, but it’s the best we can […]

  • Whistle Some New Words

    Some time last spring, I wrote a song called “Whistle At the Sky.” I was happy with it at the time but it wasn’t perfect. I must have sent it to the bone pile without realizing it. The bone pile is where I stash song ideas for future use. At the time it said everything […]

  • Spooky Songwriting

    I’ve got a new batch of songs developing. So far they all borrow a shard from the bone pile. There are murder ballads, zombies, and assorted monsters. Spooky season has a firm hold on my current songwriting cycle.

  • Kisses to the Bone Pile

    I’ve been working on a new song called Kiss and Mean It. I brainstormed several ideas. One idea involved the biological response the body undergoes during a kiss. Another idea had to do with a pathological fear of intimacy. The option that I spent the most time with involved an alternate ending for Romeo and […]

  • Bone Pile

    The bone pile is a gruesome place. It’s where a good song idea goes to die when it is too painful to actually write. It’s where a particularly poetic line wanders aimlessly without form. It’s where a great hook is doomed to repeat on loop, over and over and over. It’s where a lonely bridge […]

  • My Forgotten Valentine

    Broken and Beautiful – part 1 I wrote a song on Valentine’s Day in 2013. I vividly remember writing the song. It was a very emotional process and it felt really important at the time. It was about neglect, child abuse, and kids exchanging Valentine cards at school. I called it My Forgotten Valentine. You […]

  • A Bunch of Songs

    I have written six new songs in three months. I don’t know how it compares to other songwriters but for me it is a respectable rate. I’m talking about six complete songs. This does not include the bad songs, social media snippets, and song fragments headed to the bone pile. I feel as though I […]

  • Kissing Tree – New Song Nooner 15

    Kissing Tree – New Song Nooner 15

    This is a new song about the kissing tree.