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  • Good Characters in a Bad Story

    I’ve been reading a disappointing book. I won’t mention the title because I would hate to accidentally recommend it. To be honest, I’m near the end and I’m embarrassed about the amount of time that I’ve lost with this book. The story is weak and the style is weird. I would simply stop reading it […]

  • Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back)

    I just finished reading a book called Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back) by Jeff Tweedy. I don’t think I would recommend it to everybody but it was a life changer for me. Jeff Tweedy is one of my favorite songwriters. Like any good autobiography, it has plenty of childhood material. There is lots […]

  • A Billion Tiny Whispers

    Did you hear that? It is a billion tiny whispers all happening at the same time. In his book called This Is Marketing, Seth Godin refers to the internet as a billion tiny whispers. I like this idea. I can choose to listen to whichever whisper seems the most urgent. I can ignore all of […]

  • Sherlock Holmes Has A Cousin

    I am reading a collection by Arthur Conan Doyle called The Complete Brigadier Gerard Stories. I am a big Sherlock Holmes fan but it had never occurred to me that he had written anything other than Sherlock. When I found this, I was excited to give it a go. These short stories were done as […]

  • Taking Requests (Moonwalking With Einstein)

    I recently finished reading a great book on the art of memorizing called Moonwalking With Einstein. It was a deep dive into the training that is necessary to be a national memory champion. Yes, that is an actual contest. The book, unfortunately, had no actionable information to help me get better at memorizing songs. I […]

  • Memorizing Songs (Moonwalking With Einstein)

    I have always considered myself to have a bad memory. I struggle to memorize songs. I’ve had several head injuries and I assume there is a correlation. Even with songs that I have played 100 times, I have trouble remembering the words. The difference between a good folk musician and a mediocre one is the […]

  • Project Anniversaries (Moonwalking With Einstein)

    I am not big on celebrating birthdays. I don’t like cake and I don’t think we should require a 365 day waiting period to have a party for people we love. I am also bad at anniversaries. I can never remember if my wedding anniversary is on the 28th or 29th of November. I just […]