Tag: Coffee Words

  • Joyous Noise (on a Busted Banjo)

    You can hear it in the breeze Blowing through the leaves up in all the trees You can hear it in the neighbor’s car Going beep, beep, beep cause he […]

  • Rivers of Light

    Scientists say that the world is gonna end today Our sun is done, now the flames will come It’s a great big, burning ball of gas Raining down on all […]

  • How Do You Hold Your Coffee Cup

    You can tell a lot about a person By the way they hold their coffee cup You gotta grab it like you mean it Hold it like you need it […]

  • Sacrament of Coffee (song)

    Time for my daily sacrament of coffee Everything is prepared just right I sip it Coffee’s cold Well, most mornings it’s a real struggle for us to get out the […]

  • Nostalgic

    Remember that place down on fourth street We used to go in for a slice after work The guy in there, I think his name was Joe, I really can’t […]

  • Agoraphobia

    I turned on the six o’clock news All the faces and all the names Pretty sure it must be a lie All the faces and all the names It’s not […]

  • Beautiful Grace

    I light a candle  For everything I’ve ever wanted and lost For everyone I ever loved and lost Calling on my patron saint The saint of regret and mistakes The […]

  • A Chance

    Here we go again my friend Thinking about trying to make it work Reminds me of the time when we were kids We thought we knew it all, when will […]

  • Kissing Tree

    Scratch in the dirt and plant a kiss Dig a hole for someone we’ll miss Plant a kiss, with a rusty hoe Mound the ground and let it go Meet […]

  • Grief

    Called my brother up the other day He said, hey brother I got something to say Don’t you think you’ve been here long enough It’s time for you to move […]

  • Shadowlands

    Further up and farther in Check the map, see how far we’ve gone Moving on and moving fast Don’t want to see where I’ve been Oh, the shadowlands Oh, the […]

  • The Hand Song

    I thought about writing you a poem With words like cherish and adore Too bad, I’m not a poet I thought about picking you some flowers I would put them […]

  • Surprise Me

    I got a letter from a friend of mine She said she was just thinking about me She was driving home on an overcast afternoon Underneath a canopy of fall […]

  • Pedal Down

    Pedal down now It’s ninety more miles to Portland, Maine It’s getting darker now Got to find a place to lay my head Maybe I’ll just keep going Push on […]