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  • Backwards Process

    When writing a song, you can start with a melody or some words. That’s it. Those are the only two options. Most songwriters have a preference. If you are a melody person, you groove on your melody until you find some words. If you are more of a words person, you write the words and […]

  • Petroleum-Based Lubricant

    I’ve written songs about pancakes, chickens, dying on the toilet, and seagulls farting. I think my strangest song topic is a petroleum-based lubricant. Cosmoline is a brand-name lubricant that is often used by the military. Initially, it is greasy like all other kinds of oil. After some time it becomes waxy and impossible to remove […]

  • 1MS : Cosmoline (banjo)

    This one has it all… drama, intrigue, explosions… petroleum based lubricants. Here is the first verse of my song called Cosmoline.

  • Cosmoline (banjo) – One Minute Songs

  • 1MS : Cosmoline

    I wrote a new song called Cosmoline. The word Cosmoline is the brand name of a petroleum based lubricant. I like this word. It got stuck in my head and I wrote a chorus. I had no idea where a song about a petroleum based lubricant was going to take me. Here is my first […]

  • Cosmoline – One Minute Songs

  • Some of My Favorite Words

    I keep an ongoing list of words that I like. There is no clear criteria for how a word might make this list. If I come across a word and it feels good, it goes on the list. The following are five words from my list: Malarkey Tommyrot Apocryphal Cosmoline Raconteur What are your favorite […]