Tag: Facebook Live

  • The Devil You Know

    The company that owns Facebook is allegedly purging 15% of its workforce. I am worried about the longevity of the platform. For a while, I have been concerned that we may need an alternative. I regularly live stream on Facebook. For a lot of people in our community, it’s the only way that we communicate. […]

  • Change of Plans Friday

    I was planning on having a “No Plan Friday.” That is what I call it when I do a Livestream on Friday afternoons. It looked like the “No Plan Friday” might turn into a “Fiddlin’ Friday.” That is what we call it when my kid plays fiddle with me on a Livestream on a Friday […]

  • Fiddlin’ Friday

    Sometimes on Friday afternoons, I do a livestream with my friends on Facebook. When I can convince (beg and bribe) my oldest offspring to bust out her violin, the show is a Fiddlin’ Friday. There is no greater thrill than playing music with family. If you listen closely to our latest show, you will hear […]

  • Tuesdays Were Made for Happy Hour

    Monday is fine. It can be difficult to get moving on a Monday after a long weekend. A Monday can be miserable but you know what you are getting with Monday. Monday is low expectations and very few surprises. Wednesday is half way to the next weekend. It is full of hope and promise. Everything […]

  • Video is the New Audio: Saturday Mornings

    When I was growing up, Saturday mornings were all about the cartoons. For three hours straight, nothing but cartoons. As the cartoons were winding down, I would surf over to PBS. Public television had Bob Ross, the Frugal Gourmet, and Martin Yan’s crazy knife skills. The cooking shows transitioned into This Old House and the […]

  • Late to the Party

    I am always late to the party. When something new comes out, there is a group of people defined by the phrase “early adopters.” This is not me. I am afraid of everything new. It might steal my identity or crash or I know nothing about it because I don’t get out much. I avoided […]

  • Rules for Breakfast with Brother Jack

    Back in 1943, Woody Guthrie wrote an amazing list of New Year’s resolutions. Make sure you check it out, now. Despite my opinion that New Year’s resolutions never work and are therefore a total waste of time, I still make a point to ponder upon Woody’s “rulin’s” at the start of every new year. As […]

  • Taking a Break

    I can be a little obsessive regarding the minute details of life.  I have a habit tracker app that I use to monitor certain lifestyle choices that I want to tweak.  I use another app to keep track of when I eat during the day.  Daily fasting is really important.  I never count calories, that […]

  • A Fast Walk Down a Dark Alley

    The bes pizza in the world was the next block over but between us was a stereotypical dark alley. Playing live on Facebook feels like walking down that alley. Could Facebook be a tool that we use to make the world a better place?