I Like to Run

1MS : I Like to Run

If you have been slacking off with regular exercise, I’ve got you covered.  Just stand up and pretend to run while watching a video of me pretending to run.  The song is called, “I Like to Run.”  It’s all about finding the proper motivation.  

Watch on YouTube. 

Perfect Conditions

Wednesday Words
I like to run, it jiggles my brain
I like to run, it’s quite insane
When I go for a run
I pretend there are zombies chasing me
It’s really quite a thrill
I like to run… except when its raining…
or too hot… or too dark…
or so bright that the sun hurts my eyes…
or cold… or too early in the morning…
but I cant run after I’ve eaten so I have to run before breakfast…
I like to run on the fifth Tuesday of the month 
And there must be a rainbow in the sky
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