Tag: I Like to Run

  • Blooper : Fake Running

    Here is a blooper reel from the archives. Recording this video was hard work. I wish I could claim to be in better shape now. I guess I am still not properly motivated. Watch the blooper on YouTube.

  • 1MS : I Like to Run

    If you have been slacking off with regular exercise, I’ve got you covered. Just stand up and pretend to run while watching a video of me pretending to run. The song is called, “I Like to Run.” It’s all about finding the proper motivation. Watch on YouTube.

  • Perfect Conditions

    Wednesday Words I like to run, it jiggles my brain I like to run, it’s quite insane When I go for a run I pretend there are zombies chasing me It’s really quite a thrill I like to run… except when its raining… or too hot… or too dark… or so bright that the sun…