Tag: Judgement words

  • Lullaby Number 2

    There will be no need for a lamp There will be no more night When we gather by the river But for now, my child sleep Water flows just like […]

  • Top of the Hill

    The men work the forest The lumber is cut  The nails are pounded  The platform is built Up on the hilltop You can see the world  Up on the hillside […]

  • Old Hymns

    Sitting on a bar stool, in this smoky haze Got a gin and tonic to clear my mind Sitting here thinking about the return of Jesus Christ And the way […]

  • River Jordan

    The state came in 1908 and took my Grandpap’s farm A handful of losses would surely save the masses He watched his years rot away, he said he didn’t need […]

  • Joel

    Twister is touching ground The ground begins to shake And the water is rising The sky is turning black The stars are all snuffed out And the moon, the moon […]

  • Gone Fishin’

    I went down in the cold March water You get a line, honey and I’ll get a pole We’ll go fishing in the old baptizing hole The old baptizing hole […]

  • Blood of the Lamb

    I had a little lamb it’s fleece was dripping red The blood of the little lamb filled my supper glass The blood of the little lamb smeared around the door […]

  • Whiskey Bottle

    It’s Friday night, I’m on the hooch again I promised myself I’d stay sober today I put on my cleanest shirt and I comb my hair I’m headed out for […]

  • Overture for Clarinet and Organ

    Now, there was an angel who had a sickle  He came out from having it sharpened When he came out, he ran into the angel Who was in charge of […]

  • Apples Revised

    Wise men say let your heart be your guide Wise men say let your heart be your guide Wise men say let your heart be your guide Ever since the […]