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  • 1MS : Naked Eyes

    My wife and two of my kids have blue eyes. My baby girl has eyes the same color as mine. She looked me in the eye and said, “Hey, we […]

  • Peppers and Fairies

    A friend gave me a couple of green bell peppers last week. My garden doesn’t contain any pepper plants. I love peppers but they give me awful heartburn. It seems […]

  • Apple Dumpling Gang

    I have kids. This means that when I watch a movie, it is a kid’s movie. This is fine because my favorite genre of film is “dumb kid’s movie.” This […]

  • Fiddlin’ Friday

    Sometimes on Friday afternoons, I do a livestream with my friends on Facebook. When I can convince (beg and bribe) my oldest offspring to bust out her violin, the show […]

  • Picnic

    I informed my twins (age 6) that we are halfway through their summer break. I asked if there is anything that they desperately want to do before they go back […]

  • Tent Math

    I can speak from experience that a camping tent marketed as a “six-person tent” comfortably holds a family of three. I have been reminded why we have done very little […]

  • Joyful Noise

    I almost didn’t get today’s Dispatch out. It’s been a busy week. Hannah has had school stuff all week and a music camp in the evenings. It’s called the Joyful […]

  • Lost – the Haircuts

    Way back in 2004, the television show called Lost premiered. It was instantly my favorite show of all time. I recently decided that it was time to indoctrinate my oldest […]

  • The Remote

    We were gathered around the television, bingeing episodes of our current favorite show. It’s Bluey. If you don’t know Bluey, you should change that. Someday, I will probably write a […]

  • Bowling

    The twins were invited to a classmate’s birthday party. It was at a bowling alley. A bunch of little kids throwing heavy balls equal to a third of their body […]

  • Whistle Your Favorite Song

    She wasn’t happy with her brother. She thought he should be doing what she wanted him to be doing. She got bossy and demanding in an attempt to bend his […]

  • Kindergarten

    Today is kindergarten graduation. I still think of my twins as itty-bitty babies. I can’t believe they are already through their first year of school. I don’t know what else […]

  • Total Wardrobe Change

    As the school year comes to a close and we are transitioning to warm weather attire, it was time to tidy the wardrobe. When kids are little, it’s so easy […]

  • Love Bug

    Yesterday was my birthday. It was a nice day. We had some fantastic Chinese takeout. Then I forced my family to sit down and watch a movie with me. I […]

  • When Did My Grandpap Get Here?

    I have arrived at the stage in life when I can’t get up from the floor (or tie my shoes) without making a particular noise. I can remember Grandpap making […]

  • What’s Up Doc

    I took two-thirds of my children to the doctor’s office yesterday. Our health saga continues. Don’t worry, everything turned out alright. We saw a young, female doctor who was new […]

  • Another Sick Day

    I feel that I’ve been complaining a lot lately about my kids being sick. We have had pink eye, strep throat, and many different upper respiratory viruses. Right now we […]

  • Unwavering Laws of the Universe #1

    Recently, I developed a standing appointment with my two youngest children. Every Saturday morning we spend some time watching cartoons. Not the recent stuff, we only watch the classics. Thing2 […]

  • Self Sabotage

    Twin 1 is sick again. Our twins are six and in kindergarten. They have been rotating illnesses every other week since the first of the year. It’s been a constant […]

  • Dear Library

    My kids had an extra day away from school for their spring break. We spent some time in our local public library. We used to spend a lot of time […]

  • Hannah’s First Job

    Hannah was involved with a string quartet that had the opportunity to accompany a church choir as they presented their Easter cantata. It was beautiful. It was her first official […]

  • Tuesdays are for Songwriting

    For a while, I’ve been blocking out time on Tuesdays for songwriting. A lot of songwriters stress the importance of writing every day. That has never been a routine that […]

  • Cartoon Day

    My boy had to stay home from school today. He had a weird crusty eye. I think it is related to something that was going around the classroom last week. […]

  • Tha-thump

    Hannah is playing in a string quartet for the upcoming Easter holiday. We were on our way home from her practice. We were almost home and a cute little calico […]

  • Toy-age (rhymes with garage)

    Me (visibly angry after stepping on random toys): You kids have too many toys!!! I can’t even walk through the room!!! We need to get rid of some of this […]

  • Unicorn + Dinosaur

    Our twins just turned six. We have one boy and one girl. They are definitely not identical twins (see above gender reference). When discussions regarding their birthday cake began, one […]

  • Sacrament of Coffee and Age 6

    I wrote a song about life with my children and my perpetual struggle to drink a cup of coffee while it is still hot. The song was officially released to […]

  • When I Grow Up

    My youngest kids are twins, one of each, and they are five.   It was the butt crack of dawn and we were awake.  My little girl crawled into my […]

  • I Really Had To Pee

    We had a weekend at my in-law’s big, old- fashioned house. Mrs. Brother Jack’s father turned 70. It was great to celebrate his life. He has had a tremendous impact […]