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  • Joyous Noise From An Old Rooster

    I was playing at a music festival. Like all good festivals, it was a field in the middle of nowhere with a stage in the middle. There were tents everywhere […]

  • Rock and Blues Festival Unplugged

    I was scheduled to kick off the final day of the RTE 22 Rock and Blues Festival. This was the first time they planned music for the third day of […]

  • Fort Roberdeau

    We spent some time yesterday at a local historical site. It was a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July. Fort Roberdeau is a reconstructed fort from the Revolutionary […]

  • Musselman’s Grove

    Today, I played a show with Ride the Song at a venue called Musselman’s Grove. It was incredibly hot but completely worth it. This venue had been host to a […]

  • American Legion

    I played a show with Ride the Song last night and it went well. There was some doubt during the week about it happening due to various medical situations. Don’t […]

  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame

    I played a gig last night at the local minor league baseball stadium. I was the warm-up act on the party deck for the hour before game time. It was […]

  • Lost Cause Review : April 23, 2022

    We played out last night. We were at Olde Bedford Brewing in Bedford, Pennsylvania. We are starting to regain some of our pre-covid chemistry. I love playing with Tim. Whenever […]

  • Shaking Off the Rust on a Perfect Spring Day

    Last night I played some music with my friends in the band called Ride the Song. This was our first long set together since before the madness. It was good […]

  • Wild Game Feed

    Yesterday I played some music with my friends in Ride the Song. We’ve been playing music together in some form or capacity for 10 years. We always have fun jamming […]

  • Lost Cause Review : February 25, 2022

    The Lost Cause played at Olde Bedford Brewing. It was a good show. There were a lot of crazy requests from the audience. No, we don’t know any Slayer… It […]