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  • Bloody Guitar

    My wife had a small quilted bag that she used to carry her lunch to work every day. She dropped the bag in the driveway last week and a tempered glass bowl shattered into millions of shiny splinters. I suggested she throw away the bag because it was full of glass but she didn’t want […]

  • Live Multitasking

    I had a gig playing at a local American Legion with my friends in Ride the Song. We were scheduled to be the entertainment for the men in the bar while their wives played a massive game of bingo. Unfortunately, there was a nail-biting Steelers game on the television at the same time. We played […]

  • Ride the Song : August 28, 2022

    I just got finished playing a park concert with my friends in Ride the Song. It went well and everything worked the way that it was supposed to work. This is incredibly rare. It was the last outside event on my calendar for the summer season. It must be time to move from sweaty outside […]

  • Joyous Noise From An Old Rooster

    I was playing at a music festival. Like all good festivals, it was a field in the middle of nowhere with a stage in the middle. There were tents everywhere full of sleepy music lovers. This particular field in the middle of nowhere had a neighbor with chickens. When those sleepy music lovers finally crawled […]

  • Rock and Blues Festival Unplugged

    I was scheduled to kick off the final day of the RTE 22 Rock and Blues Festival. This was the first time they planned music for the third day of their event. The lineup was comprised of acoustic acts to keep things simple for the new, bonus day. The sound guy didn’t get the memo […]

  • Fort Roberdeau

    We spent some time yesterday at a local historical site. It was a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July. Fort Roberdeau is a reconstructed fort from the Revolutionary War era. It was originally built to protect a lead mine. They have a wonderful celebration every year on Independence Day. There are a lot […]

  • Musselman’s Grove

    Today, I played a show with Ride the Song at a venue called Musselman’s Grove. It was incredibly hot but completely worth it. This venue had been host to a comprehensive list of country music legends. They claim that Hank Williams and the Carter Family played on their stage. I saw photos of Grandpa Jones […]

  • American Legion

    I played a show with Ride the Song last night and it went well. There was some doubt during the week about it happening due to various medical situations. Don’t judge us. I am the youngest guy in the band and I’m no spring chicken. Being an aging wanna-be-rockstar is physically demanding. The American Legion […]

  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame

    I played a gig last night at the local minor league baseball stadium. I was the warm-up act on the party deck for the hour before game time. It was a fun night of baseball. The best part was that my family showed up to enjoy the festivities. Most of my gigs are in bars […]

  • Lost Cause Review : April 23, 2022

    We played out last night. We were at Olde Bedford Brewing in Bedford, Pennsylvania. We are starting to regain some of our pre-covid chemistry. I love playing with Tim. Whenever I forget the words, he is always there with a mandolin lick to cover my butt. I hope you enjoy this tiny clip from last […]

  • Shaking Off the Rust on a Perfect Spring Day

    Last night I played some music with my friends in the band called Ride the Song. This was our first long set together since before the madness. It was good to shake off the rust. We had some minor hiccups but it was a great time. It’s always satisfying to play music with other people, […]

  • Wild Game Feed

    Yesterday I played some music with my friends in Ride the Song. We’ve been playing music together in some form or capacity for 10 years. We always have fun jamming some classics. We were playing at a wild game potluck. To get in you had to bring some food. There was crawdad stew, venison pot […]

  • Lost Cause Review : February 25, 2022

    The Lost Cause played at Olde Bedford Brewing. It was a good show. There were a lot of crazy requests from the audience. No, we don’t know any Slayer… It was our first public performance with a new microphone setup. Josephine did a great job. Even Mrs. Brother Jack agreed that it was a good […]