Tag: Metaphor

  • A Sailing Metaphor

    I realized yesterday that I have been sailing through the water at full speed without a rudder. I’ve been productive and I’m getting a lot done but I have no plan or direction. I’m going through the motions. I have a firmly entrenched routine that has allowed my creative process to continue. Everything is smooth […]

  • Good Characters in a Bad Story

    I’ve been reading a disappointing book. I won’t mention the title because I would hate to accidentally recommend it. To be honest, I’m near the end and I’m embarrassed about the amount of time that I’ve lost with this book. The story is weak and the style is weird. I would simply stop reading it […]

  • Let it Grow

    When the seasons start to change, I get the urge to change my face. I’m not talking about plastic surgery. As a beautifully bearded gentleman, I am referring to beard length. I suppose non-bearded individuals would experience the same sentiment. The equivalency would probably be the desire to have your hair cut or styled differently […]