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  • Know When To Fold ‘Em

    For the past year, I’ve been making a series of one-minute-long videos for social media. I’ve talked about it extensively and you don’t need to hear it all again. The important thing is that the One Minute Song series is going on hiatus. I don’t think I can articulate all of the reasons why, it […]

  • 1MS : Devil’s Horn

    I’ve finally got a workable version of my new song called ”Devil’s Horn.” It is the creepiest and most disturbing song that I’ve ever written. I mean that in the best way possible. Watch on YouTube.

  • Scary Season Video Dump

    I made a bunch of videos for spooky season and thought you might enjoy them all at once. They will be trickling out via the various social media over the next couple days. You can watch them all now or click the YouTube link. Zombie PSA on YouTube 1MC Werewolves of London on YouTube Queen […]

  • A Quick Change of Shirt

    I recorded a batch of videos for my One Minute Cover Song series. I’m happy about this batch of fall songs. It’s good material. I like to record my short videos in batches. Setup time can be expensive. When I get everything ready, it is more efficient to record as many clips as possible at […]

  • One Minute Songs – fall batch 2022

    I made another batch of videos for my One Minute Song series. This is the first verse of “Bugs” played on a red guitar. Watch here. This is the second verse of “Bugs” on a busted banjo. Watch here. “Shadowlands” is probably my favorite fall song to play. Watch it here. This is the third […]

  • One Minute Songs – end of summer 2022

    I made a batch of my One Minute Song videos. I’m not sure when they will get posted to the general public but I thought you might enjoy them today. All of the links below will take you to the corresponding video on YouTube. “Johnson’s Reel” is the ultimate summertime song. This is the verse […]

  • 1MS : I Like to Run

    If you have been slacking off with regular exercise, I’ve got you covered. Just stand up and pretend to run while watching a video of me pretending to run. The song is called, “I Like to Run.” It’s all about finding the proper motivation. Watch on YouTube.

  • 1MS : David

    I posted a new one-minute song today. It is funny to refer to it as ”new.” This song is the oldest song in my repertoire that I still play regularly. I think it was written way back in 2000. This song is 22 years old. It is based on King David from the Christian Bible. […]

  • 1MS : Naked Eyes

    My wife and two of my kids have blue eyes. My baby girl has eyes the same color as mine. She looked me in the eye and said, “Hey, we match… except mine are white on the edges and yours are red.” I have a new one minute song out today. It’s about eyes.

  • I Start With A Calendar

    I have been working on a series of one-minute songs. The goal is that this video series will align with “current trends in media consumption.” You can read more about this series here and here. I think the majority of creators in my field start with an idea, make a video, and then post it. […]

  • One Minute Videos

    Lately, I’ve been making a lot of videos that are one minute long. One-minute-long videos are the current big thing. The internet gods have decreed that our attention spans can only stay focused for a maximum of one minute. I doubt this is truly due to our attention spans but one minute is what they […]

  • One Minute Songs

    I try to share new videos with the Daily Dispatch subscribers before they go out to the hoi polloi. For a while, the Monday Dispatch has been reserved for the current week’s One Minute Song. Life has been oppressive and I am far behind schedule. I can not share with you the new video for […]