Tag: Princess and the Hero words

  • Pawnshops and Second Hand Stores

    Packing up my boyhood plans I used to have so many Going down to the second hand store To pawn off this old guitar To invest in something new Got […]

  • Narration 2, Merry Go Round

    Our happy Hero Seems to have won Princess with his song But life can be funny sometimes It’s the thing he wanted the most Is the very thing that terrifies […]

  • Narration 3, Questions

    Another step forward And another step back Hero will find a friend A companion  And maybe even a lover But we all search through this dream This fantasy  And we […]

  • Promises, Carousel Theme 4

    No one knows how things will end So dangerous to promise I could swear by the stars What is that worth With guesses and predictions Who can know No one […]

  • Will You, Carousel Theme 3

    Call it what you will Knowing for sure or just being scared I’ve been through it all I’m out of excuses  I guess it’s time I can see in you  […]

  • Laundry Day, Carousel Theme 2

    It’s laundry day again I’m out of clean socks Start the water, add the soap Well, here’s a load of mine Throw in what you got We’ll separate it later […]

  • Spend the Day, Interlude 1

    Sitting alone in my room Listening to Louis Armstrong  Sing his song Imagining you are here with me We’re dancing What a wonderful world that would be I can think […]

  • Finale and Lullaby

    Sleep tonight my angel I will stay till you’re asleep I know it’s been a long day But sleep tonight Sleep tonight Sleep tonight my love I know that you’re […]

  • Suddenly

    Today I got up early I couldn’t sleep  My head was too full Turned on the tv  Looking for the news of the day Well, the weather report  Is the […]

  • How It All Began, Carousel Theme 1

    Final leg of a journey  Started last week Out here on the road Searching for something more You’ve always been such a friend You say come on down and stay […]

  • Chestnut Street Serenade

    The Chestnut Street serenade Singing for you, all the songs that I know Trying to melt your heart with my song I don’t know what I’d do If my plan […]

  • Say Anything

    Take all the romantic things  That I’ve ever done They don’t amount to much at all  Without someone to hold Take all my broken hearts  And all the pain I’ve […]

  • Narration 1, Once Upon a Time

    In classic fashion We begin our tale  With once upon a time Once upon a time The scene Could’ve been anywhere Let’s say in early spring And for characters, only […]

  • Kiss Me

    Kiss me softly, kiss me warm Kiss me like it’s the first time again Kiss me hard, kiss me fast Kiss me like you know it’s gonna be your last […]

  • Old (Older) Vinyl

    Sitting in your living room Listening to old vinyl records play We’ll get up and practice our dancing moves As we so often have a tendency to do As the […]

  • Naked Eyes

    Don’t look at me that way No one has ever looked at me  And saw what you see Trying to hide behind an open window Sometimes it would be easier  […]

  • A Chance

    Here we go again my friend Thinking about trying to make it work Reminds me of the time when we were kids We thought we knew it all, when will […]