Tag: Painted Smiles words

  • Artemis Suite

    I’m not doing the girl thing Where I say one thing but really mean the other Say what I mean or what I think I mean Sometimes I guess I […]

  • Adrienne

    Pigtails and sneakers, your dirty face Sticky fingered little girl wrapped up in ribbon and lace Mirrors and hairbrush, you’re playing dress up Make up and perfume, perfume, accessorize Macaroni […]

  • Kate

    Reciting sappy love song lyrics I’m hoping you’re the ears meant to hear them And I, I don’t know what this all means But I know what it seems It […]

  • Anna

    So scared, so scared and unprepared Nothing is the same anymore I am just a child Won’t you please take care of me Mistakes, mistakes, I’ve made a few Will […]

  • Lisa

    I feel alone, so cold and alone No one here beside me to lend a hand And you don’t understand who I am I feel so empty gotta fill it […]

  • Gwen

    She walks out to sea With the wind in her hair And the warm sand soothing her feet There’s no one around Except the morning gulls Scavenging the treasures on […]

  • Julie

    Put my coat on With a briefcase in my hand Open up the door and step out into the world A smile painted on my face As I pass the […]

  • Debbie

    I got home from work early Put the dinner on the stove Longing for the “I love you’s” You’d whisper when we were alone I yearn for the yesterdays When […]