Tag: Running

  • Fanny Pack

    “Were you wearing that fanny pack while you were running… outside… where everyone could see you?” “Obviously, how else could I carry all of my stuff?” In my wife’s defense, it is a neon orange fanny pack that looked like a 1980s reject. Good thing I had already removed my fluorescent yellow visibility vest.

  • Equivalencies

    I’ve been dealing with several nagging injuries. I am working hard, trying to get back to a functional level of health. While slogging along on a slow jog, I had an incredible insight. Training through a back injury is equal to being an entertainer with a family. I considered listing the similarities or making a…

  • Run When Someone Is Watching

    I like to run for fun. When I was younger, I would do my best jogging early in the morning. It seemed to suit my natural rhythms. Another nice thing about running early is that there are not many people around. Running can be easier with less traffic and fewer people in the park. I…

  • My Back / I’m Back

    I had developed some healthy routines by the end of last year. I was getting some daily exercise which included a return to recreational running. It took some practice but I got to the point where my jogging was no longer embarrassing. I had surpassed the Frankenstein crawl. The holidays happened and all of my…

  • A Song About Running

    I wrote a new song about running.