Fanny Pack

“Were you wearing that fanny pack while you were running… outside… where everyone could see you?”

“Obviously, how else could I carry all of my stuff?”

In my wife’s defense, it is a neon orange fanny pack that looked like a 1980s reject. Good thing I had already removed my fluorescent yellow visibility vest.


I’ve been dealing with several nagging injuries. I am working hard, trying to get back to a functional level of health. While slogging along on a slow jog, I had an incredible insight. 
Training through a back injury is equal to being an entertainer with a family. 
I considered listing the similarities or making a Venn diagram but it might be better if I don't elaborate.

Run When Someone Is Watching

I like to run for fun. When I was younger, I would do my best jogging early in the morning.  It seemed to suit my natural rhythms.  Another nice thing about running early is that there are not many people around.  Running can be easier with less traffic and fewer people in the park. I realized today, that at this stage in life, I prefer to run in the afternoon.  I like having an audience. It’s not that I want people to watch me run. I am not proud of my running form. I do seem to run a little faster and try a little harder if someone might be watching. I don’t want to be the old, slow guy.  
I think this is the same for music performances.  I often struggle with the tavern shows when people are busy eating and chatting and the work I am doing is strictly background music. It is easier when someone is willing to engage with me. I am a better performer with connection, even if it is one person. I play better and try harder.  I am so much better when someone is watching.  

My Back / I’m Back

I had developed some healthy routines by the end of last year.  I was getting some daily exercise which included a return to recreational running. It took some practice but I got to the point where my jogging was no longer embarrassing.  I had surpassed the Frankenstein crawl. 
The holidays happened and all of my good habits stopped.  The beginning of the new year is when most people start new, healthy habits.   Not me, I quite all of my healthy habits in January.
Right after the New Year, I injured my back.  Don’t worry, it’s not major and it was definitely my own fault. Fortunately, I have been able to rehab it back to a functional level without any invasive actions.  
When I was a kid, my Dad had a number of back issues that required a range of surgeries.  Whenever my back gets tight, I worry that I am headed in that direction.  Thanks to lots of ice and constant stretching, I am finally back to dragging my feet along on some slow walks.  Respectable jogging is still way off in the future.  
Fresh starts are good.  I wish it wasn’t a self induced set back but I am trying to focus on the possibilities. There is a lot of improvement that can happen when you are starting from zero. 
I am also making a commitment to myself that I will write daily.  Daily blogging is another habit that I somehow lost during the winter holidays.  
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I Like to Run

November 16, 2021
I like to run…for fun.  I wrote a song about it.  
This is the first of what may be a new and regular series.  This is the first “one minute song.”  It’s got zombies, volcanoes, and giant chickens.  If you hate running for pleasure, you will still love this song. 
Come on, let’s go for a run.   

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A Song About Running

November 13, 2021
I recently started running again.  I know it’s weird but I really enjoy running.  When I made a social media post about my re-entry into the world of running, it was suggested (by my cousin) that I should write a song about running.  So I did and I think you are going to like it. It’s all about finding the proper motivation.  
I wanted to make a video for the song.  It seemed like a great opportunity to break out my green screen and pretend that I was running in some beautiful and unique locations.  In case you aren’t familiar with the technique, when you shoot video in front of a solid green background it allows you to swap any image with the green color.  This bit of studio magic allows me to go anywhere in the world without leaving the house. Due to a minor lighting issue, my grey pants appeared too similar in color to the green screen and I lost my legs through most of the video.  I recorded a second attempt and so far it looks much better.  I am hoping to have it finished for you to see by Wednesday.  

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He Was Running

October 13, 2021

Today, I was running.  There was a time in my life when I ran a lot and often.  I have been trying to get back into a regular routine but it is difficult.  Typically my desire to sit down overpowers my desire to go for a run.  I turned a major corner today. For the first time in over three years, I went for a run on two consecutive days.  I am very excited. Now I want to start making ridiculous distance goals for myself.  Slow down.  I need to simply enjoy that I had the opportunity to get out and stretch my legs two days in a row.  

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