Tag: Sabbath

  • Apple Dumpling Gang

    I have kids. This means that when I watch a movie, it is a kid’s movie. This is fine because my favorite genre of film is “dumb kid’s movie.” This […]

  • Picnic

    I informed my twins (age 6) that we are halfway through their summer break. I asked if there is anything that they desperately want to do before they go back […]

  • Self-Imposed Vacation Rules

    We are on a vacation. This isn’t something we have done very often. We aren’t intrinsically good at vacationing. I come from a long line of workaholics. Connecting to Wi-Fi […]

  • I Got Sunshine

    I’ve been feeling rather isolated and disconnected the last couple of days. It felt like the abyss was about to open up and swallow me whole. As overwhelming as it […]

  • Museum 2

    On Sunday we traveled to Pittsburgh to visit the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The kids love the dinosaurs. I love the dinosaurs. My twins (age 6) have trouble saying […]

  • Crossword Puzzles

    I recently started doing crossword puzzles. My theory was that it would be a good exercise for my brain. I could learn some new vocabulary words and keep my mental […]

  • Rainy Day

    I love rainy days.

  • Museum

    Today, we learned that urinals have a limited purpose.

  • Thursday

    The only day that is better than Thursday is tomorrow.

  • Hammocks

    Sometimes a hammock isn’t just a hammock.

  • Sabbath

    Many mushrooms