Tag: Stay at Home words

  • Lost Cause

    Grandma is up a tree Waiting for the rapture I guess I should mention She’s completely nude She’s up there waiting For her Lord and Savior to return She shed […]

  • Raise Your Hand

    Sometimes it’s hard To catch your breath Your chest gets tight Oh, what a mess You can’t see Any good reason You feel so foolish This is happening again Everything […]

  • Chicken Skin Shake

    Pops has had too much coffee He’s pacing a hole in the floor Mom is, um, paranoid She’s checking the locks on all the doors It’s not that she doesn’t […]

  • Maps

    Do you know how to read a map Use your finger and trace that line Any town, any place Where we end up God only knows When this is over […]

  • The Way

    Neighbor to neighbor And nose to nose Fighting and fussing  Is how it goes You don’t agree So, you’re wrong I’m sure I yell at you And then we fight […]

  • Bleeding Time

    They say that we are all In the same boat Looking around, I don’t see nobody But me, myself, and I Maybe it’s not the same boat But the very […]

  • Pancakes

    That smell gets me every time It’s a coffee and a hot griddle You loved to make me some pancakes Your kitchen was a special place Pancakes dripping Butter sliding […]

  • Agoraphobia

    I turned on the six o’clock news All the faces and all the names Pretty sure it must be a lie All the faces and all the names It’s not […]

  • Visitors

    When the visitors come from outer space Will they find anyone left of the human race Will we all be destroyed by an evil pandemic Because our fussing and fighting […]