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  • Hard Man Whistle

    I recorded a version of my song called “Hard Man.” Buried in the mix is a whistle. I initially thought that this countermelody was going to be a bass part. I couldn’t figure out how to play the part on any of my instruments. So I whistled it and it’s now my favorite thing about […]

  • SM57

    You wouldn’t use a saw to pound in a nail or a hammer to make a cut. You have to use the right tool for the job. A good, high-end microphone would cost as much as all of my microphones added together. My best microphone is called Josephine. She is a fantastic microphone, perfect for […]

  • Bob Dylan’s Guitar

    When I record my guitar, it sounds like some rubber bands stretched over a cardboard box. This guitar is a distinctive part of my sound. For 20 years, I have struggled to get an accurate representation of it in the studio. I’ve tried many different approaches and techniques. The guitar part that I recorded last […]

  • Old Strings

    I know that I need new strings on my guitar. Some people change their strings after every aggressive session. I rarely change a string unless it snaps and sends a sharp wire flying towards my eyes. Lately, my b-string has been wearing out very quickly. New strings are very bright and shimmery but not in […]

  • Try Again

    I’ve been working on recording my new song called Hard Man. I love this song. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback and I feel like this song is important. Getting a great studio recording feels very essential. Maybe the pressure is getting to me. Everything that I have recorded is absolute crap. I spent […]

  • Hard Man – scratch track

    Stuff piles up (physically and metaphorically) and it becomes impossible to get anything done. I’ve been all talk for a long time but now I finally got my home studio organized and operational. I spent a good chunk of time recording on Thursday. If you are keeping score, you know that Wednesday is my studio […]

  • Garbage Truck

    I finally carved out some time to work in the studio today. I’ve been kicking this can down the road for a while and it was long overdue. I’ve been distracted by many other things. It was so good to set up some microphones and get to work. Everything was set up, I had the […]

  • The Click

    I finally got myself back into the studio. I have been itching to work on a new arrangement of an old song. The acoustic guitar is supposed to be the foundation for the recording. I know how to play guitar. I have been doing it for a long time. This part is not difficult but […]

  • Follow the Bugs

    I am working on a rough mix of my song called Bugs. The parts were recorded almost two years ago. It didn’t fit with any other projects at the time and was relegated to the back of the queue. As I am currently between projects (completely directionless), this mix has now found its way to […]

  • This is Josephine

    I bought a new microphone. It’s called Josephine. She came to me with that name. I didn’t name her. Ear Trumpet Labs has a line of hand-built, vintage looking, large diagram condenser microphones. Each model has a different feminine sounding name. I just bought a Josephine. This new microphone will be my primary setup for […]

  • The Return of Vrump

    Vrump returns!

  • Old Man Vocals

    I sound like my future.

  • Boom, It’s an Organ

    This sounds like a vintage scary movie.

  • Trombone

    This made my lips swell.

  • Banging the Kettle

    Hit it with a stick and see what it sounds like.

  • Seed of Doubt

    What type of flower grows form the seed of doubt?

  • No Filter Needed

    This was all me.

  • Hannah and the Handbells

    Handbells are the perfect instrument for an octopus.

  • Vrump

    Vrump – vrump – vrump, that is all.

  • Joyous Noise on a Tiny Blue Drum Kit

    I’m not too big to play a tiny blue drum kit.

  • Tiny Blue Drum Kit

    Everybody needs a tiny blue drum kit.

  • Green Guitar

    This green guitar is the reason that I am so incredibly cool.

  • Sunk Cost Fallacy

    July 19, 2021 Sunk Cost Fallacy This economic principle states that we demonstrate a greater tendency to continue something once time, money, or effort has been invested.   I wrapped up production on the new mix for Pancakes.  This is the Busted Banjo version of Pancakes.  When I conceived this arrangement of the song almost […]