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  • My mug on a mug

    Recently, I posted a picture of a drawing my son had made. He drew my face on a coffee mug. The mailman just delivered an unexpected package. It was a coffee mug and on it was the picture that my son had drawn. It was my mug on a mug on a mug. I don’t […]

  • Weird Folk Begets Weird Folk

    I was reading a blog post recently. The author describes his writing as an elaborate search to “find fascinating people.” He writes to inspire the type of email response that he wants to receive. I think I understand. Weird folk begets more Weird Folk. A while back, a friend recommended a song because he knew […]

  • The Greatest Weird Folk

    When I started sharing my music on social media, I only wanted to find some people that would listen to me. I have found something that is far more important than any song that I could ever sing. I recently heard stories from different people that conveyed the importance of our community. I won’t share […]

  • Tuesdays Were Made for Happy Hour

    Monday is fine. It can be difficult to get moving on a Monday after a long weekend. A Monday can be miserable but you know what you are getting with Monday. Monday is low expectations and very few surprises. Wednesday is half way to the next weekend. It is full of hope and promise. Everything […]

  • Muddy Hug

    One of our sisters and an important part of the Weird Folk community has experienced a terrible family tragedy. She is deep in the mud. She’s going to be in the mud for a long time. There is nothing that we can do to fix it. Sometimes the best thing we can do is crawl […]

  • Weird Folk Manifesto

    1. Pancakes fix a lot of problems. 2. Some days a song and a smile is the best you can do and that is enough. 3. If you are stuck in the mud, stomp your feet, clap your hands, and wait for the sun to dry up all that mud (try to find a friend […]