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  • Idioms

    Wednesday Words It’s not something that I use often. When the situation is right, it can be a very effective tool in my songwriting toolkit. It’s a dictionary of idioms. I love words and the way that they go together. A phrase can mean so much more than its parts. Sometimes an idea for a […]

  • When I See You Standing There

    Wednesday Words When I see you standing there Hey, yeah Hey yeah When I see you standing there I get all weak in the knees Hey, yeah Hey, yeah I get weak in the knees I know how this will end Hey, yeah Hey, yeah I know how this all ends This is one that […]

  • Tired and Empty

    Wednesday Words I finished my new song called Hard Man. I think these are the last two verses. Take it on the chin It’s my turn again Gotta stretch my legs No pain, no gain Black and blue I should’ve stayed down I’m a tired man I’m a hard man I’ve been lied to And […]

  • Back in 1981

    Wednesday Words Below is the first verse of my song called Valentine’s Day Massacre. It was back in 1981 I was waiting on a bus You came up to me and you said, hello I think it was a Thursday A few weeks later I moved in with you Into your apartment over on 4th […]

  • Regular

    Wednesday Words I’m working on a new song. It’s about being different from everyone else. As I get older, I become more comfortable with all of the ways that I don’t fit in. It’s about becoming proud to call yourself Weird Folk. I’m not as regular as I used to be It says what I […]

  • Bully

    Wednesday Words I found these words in an old notebook. They were dated November 12, 2018. This validates why I periodically peruse my old notebooks. I need a couple more verses but I think it’s going somewhere. I’ve been a bully, I’ve known a few Caring can be cruel, but it’s the best we can […]

  • Joe’s Pizza

    Wednesday Words I wrote these words after a once a year phone call with an old friend. Remember that place down on fourth street We used to go in for a slice after work The guy in there, I think his name was Joe, I really can’t remember He used to spin the pizza right […]

  • Chicken Skin Christmas

    Wednesday Words The last thing that the world needs is another sentimental Christmas song. What it does need is more Chicken Skin Shake. I hope this adds to your holiday spirit. Maybe I’ll get it recorded before next year. Pops has had too much coffee He’s climbing up the walls Mom is, um, running As […]

  • Bad Christmas Poem

    Wednesday Words I wrote a song/poem during the winter holiday season of 2019. It was about a drummer getting tricked into playing a Christmas gig. Of course, the song ends with a Christmas miracle. His heart grew three sizes and all of that. It includes pages and pages of words scribbled in a misplaced notebook. […]

  • Please, No Poop Jokes

    Wednesday Words Not as regular as I used to be Not as regular as I used to be Not as regular as I used to be I go walking early in the morning While everyone else is still lying in bed I still howling at that early morning moon And scratch at the fleas on […]

  • Beneath the Sod

    Wednesday Words “Devil’s Horn” began as a kernel of a song idea. It turns out that it might be a murder ballad. Nobody knows Nobody really knows Who laid the grave Put her beneath the sod Grab that old devil By his crooked horn And let him know It was my own two hands

  • Hand Song 2.0

    Wednesday Words I thought about writing you a poem With words like cherish and adore Too bad, I’m not a poet I thought about picking you some flowers I would put them in a vase with water Too bad, they would make me sneeze So, I’ll give you my hand It’s all I can afford […]

  • Crooked Horn

    Wednesday Words Grab that old devil By his crooked horn And let him know Today’s the day that you’re… What word is next? Gone? Born? Done? These words have been simmering on the back burner for almost a year. One evening last October, I stumbled upon a great riff. The riff will probably receive a […]

  • Perfect Conditions

    Wednesday Words I like to run, it jiggles my brain I like to run, it’s quite insane When I go for a run I pretend there are zombies chasing me It’s really quite a thrill I like to run… except when its raining… or too hot… or too dark… or so bright that the sun […]

  • If I Were King

    Wednesday Words If I were king of a nation at war I would make sure He was in the front lines If I were king He’d throw himself out the window at my word If he happened to die There’s nothing anyone could say -David

  • Words From the Bottom of the Barrel

    Wednesday Words Rock rock rock rock bottom Rock rock rock rock bottom Rock rock rock rock bottom Revival I’ve been scraping the bottom for so long And all I’ve got is this lousy song Rock rock rock rock bottom Rock rock rock rock bottom Rock rock rock rock bottom Revival Someone is trying to keep […]

  • Romeo Bails

    Wednesday Words Romeo says Hey Juliet Are you sure this is a good plan I know all about those passionate kisses But this seems like a lot I’ve been thinking about taking a trip down to Venice I wanted to see what’s going on down there This has been great… really… But I gotta go […]

  • Naked Eyes V2

    Wednesday Words I’ve been enjoying this verse lately. It’s 20 years old and I’m still proud of it. I find it amusing in a completely different way than when it was new. You say that you love to get lost in my eyes I say that’s a scary place without a map You say that […]

  • You Are Enough

    Broken and Beautiful – Part 5 Today we will examine iterations of the third verse from my song called Broken and Beautiful. If you want to read more about this song, click here. 1. I thought this was a finished verse. What I mean is that it wasn’t just the first thing that I threw […]

  • If Only You Could Feel Strong

    Broken and Beautiful – Part 4 I am working on a new song called Broken and Beautiful. It’s actually an old idea that was resurrected from the bone pile. If you want the back story, you can check out part 1 and part 2. I thought I finally had all of the words figured out. […]

  • Pancake Words

    Common sense dictates that a song should never begin with the phrase, “that smell gets me every time.” If you are the type of person that abandons a song during the first line, this song is not for you. It is a long-haul type of song. To enjoy this song, you must possess enough patience […]

  • Port in the Storm

    There are days when it continues to be hard to locate a port in the storm. On rare days, there is no storm at all. Most of the time, I drop anchor and weather the winds. Even though we are tossed about Just trying to hang on We got no ritual, no routine No port […]

  • Best Chorus Ever

    I’ve forgotten how to kiss and mean it Eyes wide open, I’m staring at the sun With every slip of the tongue I become a little more dumb I love these words but I have no idea where to go with it. Any ideas?

  • All That Weight

    Broken and Beautiful – part 2 I wrote a song in 2013 that wasn’t very good. You can read more about that in Part 1. Despite being damaged beyond repair, I was able to scavenge a few lines. I put these borrowed lines together to make a first verse and chorus. Your baby blues are […]

  • Sounds Like Silence

    Two days ago I announced that I was not going to continue with my Sad Song Series. The muses have decided that I am not done yet. Before abandoning the project, I had been thinking about the sounds of loneliness. I really enjoy the sound of peace and quiet. But there is a fine line […]

  • Some of My Favorite Words

    I keep an ongoing list of words that I like. There is no clear criteria for how a word might make this list. If I come across a word and it feels good, it goes on the list. The following are five words from my list: Malarkey Tommyrot Apocryphal Cosmoline Raconteur What are your favorite […]

  • Ghosts – Some Words

    If I squint my eyes When I squint my eyes This time of day when the light begins to play I look across the room and see her standing there There is a girl that I never knew She’s got a blue flowered dress Her hair hangs over her shoulder in a single plait She’s […]