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  • Naked Eyes V2

    Wednesday Words I’ve been enjoying this verse lately. It’s 20 years old and I’m still proud of it. I find it amusing in a completely different way than when it […]

  • You Are Enough

    Broken and Beautiful – Part 5 Today we will examine iterations of the third verse from my song called Broken and Beautiful. If you want to read more about this […]

  • If Only You Could Feel Strong

    Broken and Beautiful – Part 4 I am working on a new song called Broken and Beautiful. It’s actually an old idea that was resurrected from the bone pile. If […]

  • Pancake Words

    Common sense dictates that a song should never begin with the phrase, “that smell gets me every time.” If you are the type of person that abandons a song during […]

  • Port in the Storm

    There are days when it continues to be hard to locate a port in the storm. On rare days, there is no storm at all. Most of the time, I […]

  • Best Chorus Ever

    I’ve forgotten how to kiss and mean it Eyes wide open, I’m staring at the sun With every slip of the tongue I become a little more dumb I love […]

  • All That Weight

    Broken and Beautiful – part 2 I wrote a song in 2013 that wasn’t very good. You can read more about that in Part 1. Despite being damaged beyond repair, […]

  • Sounds Like Silence

    Two days ago I announced that I was not going to continue with my Sad Song Series. The muses have decided that I am not done yet. Before abandoning the […]

  • Some of My Favorite Words

    I keep an ongoing list of words that I like. There is no clear criteria for how a word might make this list. If I come across a word and […]

  • Ghosts – Some Words

    If I squint my eyes When I squint my eyes This time of day when the light begins to play I look across the room and see her standing there […]