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  • Nervy Poo

    When I was starting as an entertainer, I played a lot of open mic nights. I’d pull up to a coffee shop in a town that I’d never visited before. I’d go inside, order an Americano, find a table, and promptly go get sick in the bathroom. I would get violently nervous whenever I tried […]

  • FrEd Sheridan

    I have been working hard at being a professional performer for a long time. It’s been longer than some of you have been alive. I am hoping I haven’t reached my pinnacle yet. I recently got a comment on social media that said, “You have a really good singing voice.” The username of the commenter […]

  • Disasterpiece

    What is the opposite of masterpiece? It is not garbage or failure. It’s still your work. It was important but it never got applause from the masses. It contains your blood, sweat, and tears. It is still beautiful and unique and brilliant. They just didn’t understand. You didn’t make it for them. The opposite of […]