Tag: Writers block

  • Holiday Road Block

    I just completed a project that involved 25 consecutive days of Christmas music. It was a good project and I am glad to have reached the goal. There were some setbacks. At one point during the first week, I was fairly certain it was over. I followed through and we made it. I feel a […]

  • Songwriting Season Has Ended

    I love the classic bit with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck where they argue with Elmer Fudd. “Duck season!” “Wabbit season!” “Duck season!” “Wabbit season!” I’ve been feeling the seasonal tug between songwriting season and gig season. I tend to do my creative work in batches and it often follows some yearly cycles. I wrote […]

  • Follow the Bugs

    I am working on a rough mix of my song called Bugs. The parts were recorded almost two years ago. It didn’t fit with any other projects at the time and was relegated to the back of the queue. As I am currently between projects (completely directionless), this mix has now found its way to […]

  • Writers Block

    Sometimes I can’t make a decision.