Take a Deep Breath

A while back, I recorded a version of my song called “Bugs.” The arrangement for this track was built on a single deep breath repeated over and over and over. I like the consistent flow of this recording. It’s almost like a sad train rocking back and forth.

When the recording was finished, it got saved on a hard drive and temporarily forgotten. I’m easily distracted. I ended up recording a different version of the song for the Busted Banjo project. I’ve been sitting on this original recording for a while.

Through some recent experimenting and consistent work, we recently saw a significant increase in Spotify plays. I decided to strike while the iron is hot or however that expression goes… This song that I’ve been sitting on for a while is being released without much fanfare because it felt like good timing. It is incredibly short notice but it will be available on Friday on all of the streaming services. It’s a good fall jam, a new/old version of a song that you have probably heard me do before, and I hope you like it.

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