The Agitator

Our washing machine died. It came with the house when we bought it in 2004. It wasn’t new at the time. I have no idea how old this appliance is but it’s outlived a lot of underwear. This old machine almost died two years ago. Did you know that a washing machine has a transmission? I did a lot of internet research and figured out how to keep the machine running. This old clunker requires a lot of gentle coaxing but it still gets out all of the stains… until now. It has a worn out agitator. It still runs great but it’s not actually getting anything clean, only wet. I could piece it together, baby it along, and get some more loads out of it. Unfortunately, a new agitator will cost about half of the cost of a new washer. It’s just not worth it. Now, I must say what you have already been thinking. This worn out agitator is really agitating.


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