The Loneliest Sound

I’m doing a sad song series where we take a classic sad song and figure out what makes it sad.  I want to learn how to make the most epic sad song of all time.  Our sad song for May is the song called I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by the legendary Hank Williams.  If you missed my cover, you can check it out here. 

I think the first verse sets the scene for the whole song.  It’s a lonely soundtrack with whippoorwills that are too sad to fly and a train in the distance.  Some sounds evoke an emotional response and a distant train will always sound lonely. 

The second verse is all about a long, lonely night.  It culminates with the miserable moon hiding behind a cloud to cry.  The moon is another universal representation of loneliness.  Everybody has experienced a sensation of loneliness while looking at the moon wondering if that special someone was also looking at the same moon.  

The third verse is about a bird that is crying because it’s time to migrate.  It is time to move on and the bird has lost the will to live. That’s the gut punch. It’s loneliness without hope.  This isn’t the kind of loneliness that thinks it might see you soon.  This is complete despair.  

The last verse serves to wrap up the whole notion.  
	The silence of a falling star
	As I wonder where you are
	I’m so lonesome I could cry
Lost and lonely with no hope of being anything other than lonely.  

That is a sad song.  Grab some tissues and give it a listen.  

If I wanted to write a sad song, it would need a generous portion of loneliness.  This song sets its emotional tone with some lonely sounds.  I need some lonely sounds.  What is the loneliest sound you have ever experienced?  And don’t tell me anything about one hand clapping.  Really, I need your help.  What is the loneliest sound?