the Voice of Uncle Boozie

I think that I’ve finally figured out the voice for Uncle Boozie. He’s got a particular way of saying things and it’s important to get it right. There was an actor named Pat Buttram. He was on the television show called Green Acres and multiple classic Disney movies. I think Uncle Boozie’s voice could best be described as a lilting combination of Mr. Haney and the Big Lebowski.

Getting it right requires some practice. For a while, I was only willing to practice Uncle Boozie while alone in my truck. Driving down the road where nobody else could hear me was the perfect place to work it all out. Although, if anybody had heard me, they would have thought I wasn’t fit to be behind the wheel. I recently started practicing at home. It’s a little weird but weird is kind of the standard at my house. I am becoming comfortable with the voice of Uncle Boozie. I need to make sure that I don’t become too comfortable. If I slip into Uncle Boozie at the wrong time, it could lead to all kinds of accusations.


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